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What is behind Logo? Why should you be careful while designing Business Logo?

09 Jul 2018

Do you have any doubts about the importance of logo design for building a brand identity? I don't think so. It is something that you must have heard hundred times

Your logo design sends a message about your brand. You want to create a simple message so it’s easy for people to connect with your ideas. A logo is a small symbol that is capable of communicating numerous ideas, provided that it is formulated intelligently. In the realm of graphic designing, logo design is one of the most important elements. A unique logo must be attractive, simple and innovative. Moreover, it shouldn't confuse the viewers who wouldn't be able to understand the idea that the logo is trying to convey.

If you are designers who is commissioned with creating visual identity, ask your clients what they think about their target audience, niche, main competitors, and overall marketing strategy of the business. You also need to know what the clients cherish in the history of their brand and ask them about their attitude to the branding conventions in the industry and when you're done with that, start brainstorming and drawing as many sketches and drafts as you can. Create many versions that are different in style and stories they tell. Then ask your clients to give you feedback and choose the best draft.

You must also focus on color, icon and font so logo must be just right for your client and his business meaning. Scalability is an important aspect in logo designing. A sleek and stylish logo can successfully entice customers to avail the services and products from a company. With an impressive logo design, you can easily win the trust of your clients and customers. At Sky Access we understand these aspects completely and frame the logo accordingly.

Our designers ensure to research and find out about the unique needs of the clients before they come up with a unique logo design.

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Patrick Bagina