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5 Tips on the best and cheapest way of using social media marketing for entrepreneurs in Rwanda

20 Jun 2018

It’s vital that you understand social media marketing fundamentals, for maximizing the quality to increase your online entry points. Social media is the collective of online communication channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.

Social media is more and more becoming an integral part of life online as social websites and applications proliferate. In business, social media is used to market products, promote brands, and connect to various customers. It’s better to specialize than just being a bridge-of-all-trades. A highly-focused social media and content marketing strategy intended to build a strong brand has more chance for success than a broad strategy that attempts to be all things to all people.

1.     Key words

If you are entrepreneur with your small business, when you get up in the morning, start thinking about the key words to use while posting your twits, instagram as well as  Facebook post, visit your social media and check what others have posted, like nice posts and share other’s posts when it is possible then make  good sentences in a strategic way with your chosen key words. If you post quality content and work to build your online audience, they’ll share it with their own audiences on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, instagram and so on.

2.     Share links of your Website

To get more result from what you have done, share your website links with more information relating to your post, this will increase your website traffic of visitors and your audience will become your clients shortly.

3.     Building relationships

As you don’t ignore anyone who reaches out to you in person, so don’t ignore them online. Building relationships is one of the most important part of social media marketing success, so always acknowledge every person who reaches out to you.

4.     Time

Many people do not understand well when to use social media and when to not use it, this is a smart communication for smart people or smart users. Don’t stay posting and reading only the whole day. This creates an addiction of social media and it looses its  sense, then you would be  missing  your target.

For you entrepreneur time is very expensive. Don’t take more than 50 minutes per day. Take 25minutes in the morning and 25 minutes in the evening, this will enable you to consistently publish the content and participate into conversations.

5.     Cost

When you have a small business, you actually need to invest in different things and spend money in important things such as paying your office rent, transportation and so on, so you don’t need extra expenses. Purchase MTN Irekure pack of 150 Frw for your daily communication (calling  and surfing) and then use the 5MBs of internet to build your Social media.

Patrick Bagina